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Getting Started with your Website!

Okay, ready to get started? The following will give you a step by step on the ordering process with us. Please review our Client Design Questionaire, as the answers will help us fashion a website to fit YOU and your needs. You may print this out or copy it. The same questions will be on the order form for ordering website design - so you can copy/paste in your answers. Or you can copy/paste your answers into our contact form.

1) Domain Name

The first thing you need to do to proceed with getting yourself some web presence, is to find a domain name that fits you or your chosen field. While many of the common domain names and TLDs (.com is a TLD) are taken, you can easily find a great domain name by thinking outside the box. Try using your own first name along with what you do. For instance, "Elisamidwife" might be a good domain for a midwife named Elisa! :)

Search for domain names below;

2) Hosting Plan

Next select a hosting plan that suits your needs. Check out our hosting plan comparison to help you decide. If you still are not sure which might be best for you, give us a shout and let us know, we'll try to help steer you in the right direction.

Please be aware that the Basic Hosting Plan is an informational site only without any scripts. Most scripts that can be installed (blogs, forums, shopping cart, link directory, etc) require a database to store the entered information. The Basic Hosting Plan does not come with any databases.

3) Website Design

We offer a variety of choices for you to consider when deciding upon a website design.

We offer custom designed templates that you can purchase. These are easy to customize simply by changing the text.

You can elect to create your own website with the Super and Plus hosting plans using the pretty awesome RVSiteBuilder.

Or you can choose to have us create a customized website design.

4) Order!

Once you make the decisions above, you are ready to gather your information and place your order. The first thing you'll be asked for is your domain name selection, then your hosting plan, then choose a design package and go ahead and order. There are a number of fields to fill out regarding your design preferences on the order form so be sure to complete these. We'll take a few days to review your preferences and call you to go over the design plan.