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Client Design Questionaire (CDQ)

Our CDQ form asks the questions that we need you to think about before placing and order for website design or customization.

These questions are on the order form for custom website design, so you can copy/paste your answers on the order from this form. Filling this form out will simply display your answers in the browser for you to print.

First Name:   Last Name:

Email:  Domain:


Your site pages will normally be something like; home, about, contact, faq, links - but they can easily be adapted or added to. Please list the pages you would like on your site. We will contact you for website content once a website draft is completed. Specify any specific titles if you have preferences (for example, if instead of FAQ, you prefer Help or Questions).

Please select the Pages you would like on your site:

Home:   FAQ:   About:   Contact:   Links:


If you have a specific layout that you would prefer, please note it here. Take a look at some examples of website layouts.


Please share any colors you'd like us to incorporate into your site. Its important to note that many colors are needed within a website to ensure proper display of links and appropriate visability. While we will work with the colors you provide, it may not be possible to use all of them. We'll also use the colors you provide in lightened and darkened tones when necessary for visability.


Share your thoughts on the "feel" you'd like your site to have. Professional, classic, whimsical, girlie, earthy, etc. are some ideas.

Special Features:

List any other special features you would like; hit counter, clock, etc.

Google and Affiliate Ads;

Will you be wanting some Google Adsense and Affiate buttons/banners? If so, please sign up for a google account if you do not have one and let us know your username and password so we can set up your google adsense ads to match your site. Also, at the point that we will need the site content, you can also provide the linking information or buttons for your affiliate programs. We prefer buttons that have a maximum width of 150px and recommend limiting animated buttons as they can be a distraction on your website. Check out Share a Sale and Performics for affiliate programs.